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Creating Customs

Following requests from friends, I put together a guide to producing Customs on my blog. It centres on using Guitar Pro 6 and Go PlayAlong 3, but the process should be the same for GP7 and GPA4.

There are several software packages needed to create a custom:

  • Audacity (to create and process an mp3 file)
  • Guitar Pro (to create the tab file)
  • Go PlayAlong (to sync the Guitar Pro file to the mp3 file)
  • Editor On Fire (EoF - to create the XML file for Rocksmith Song Creator Toolkit)
  • Rocksmith Song Creator Toolkit (RSTK - to create the file for Rocksmith)

It is possible to create customs using just Eof and RSTK, but I find that editing in Guitar Pro is significantly easier than editing in EoF and syncing using Go PlayAlong is much easier than syncing in EoF.

I started by creating a custom directly in EoF. My second custom used the Guitar Pro/Go PlayAlong method with a Guitar Pro file downloaded from I generally advise against using files from as the bass parts are generally very poor, and it's better (and quicker) to write your own.

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